Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Yr 1/2 ECO Club

Big News!!!

All our hard work is finally paying off!

The vegetables that Eco-School planted weeks ago are now growing!


The pea plants have now started to grow pea pods. We are all very excited!


The potato plants are flourishing as are the parsnips :).


Here are some photos of how our vegetable patch is taking shape.


We've all worked hard to help our vegetables to grow.





We work as a team!



Exciting Times in Eco-Club!!!!!


Today, Eco-School have been very busy starting to clear the twigs, rubbish and roots in preparation for planting our vegetables. It was very hard work!

So we know how to look after the vegetables once they are planted, we played a really fun game! We had to try and keep a plant alive by giving it the things it needs to thrive.

Click on the link and play the game with your Eco Warrior.

Can you keep the plant alive?



Here are some photographs of us hard at work.






During Spring Term 1, the new Eco- School members learnt about the importance of saving energy. They did this by completing 4 missions! 

The missions were :-



Reduce and


Ask your Eco warrior how you can be more Eco-Friendly.


To show that we are giving Earth a helping hand, we painted pictures of Earth and attached our hand prints to them. We had lots of fun, as you can see! 









Eco-school have been busy making their own habitats. 


We have been learning how important it is to maintain habitats so animals, mini-beasts and birds can thrive. 







After completing their habitats Eco-School will be helping our new school garden by planting some vegetables and looking after them.

If you have any old garden tools that we could use please send them into school with your child.


Thanks smiley.

A few weeks ago, Eco-Club planted some bulbs in the planters in the big yard. We all had lots of fun!


We discussed how we were creating new habitats for lots of creatures but we will have to be patient while the  bulbs grow.


The flowers should arrive in the Spring. A very long wait!


We worked as a team smiley.


We all planted our own bulb.



While we were planting our bulbs, we thought about what creatures we might find in the Spring.


The Eco-Club members think we will find the following creatures :-








Ladybirds and




Can you think of any different creatures?



Look how much fun we had!


Keep checking for updates on the bulbs.



Eco- Missions!



Claremont Eco-Club have been very busy completing 4 missions. These exciting missions have helped us to be more Eco-Friendly!


The Missions Were:-


REDUCE- We had fun on this mission which helped us reduce energy use around the house. Can your warrior explain how we reduced energy?


REUSE- The Eco- Club warriors decided which items we could reuse instead of sending  to the landfill.


RECYCLE- Do we all use the correct bins for our household rubbish? Ask your warrior to show you the correct bin!


RESPECT- We live on a beautiful planet! Let's all respect it and keep it beautiful :).



Did we recycle correctly?


Are you Eco-Friendly? Your Eco-Club warrior will be happy to help you be more eco!



Visit the website to complete your own missions!