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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Our School Leadership Team

Mr Rob Campbell - Headteacher

Miss Melissa Davis - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Adelle Moncada - Head of Educational Support

Mrs Zoe Cutler - Inclusion Lead

Mrs Hazel McDonald - Welfare Lead

Ms Vicky O'Brien - EYFS Lead/DSL

Mrs Beverley Hann - Lower School Leader

Mrs Denise Shilton-Reed - Teaching Assistant Team Leader

Mrs Helen Grainger - Office Manager


Our Parental Support Team


Mrs Maryam Khan - Parent Support Worker


Mrs Zoe Cutler

The Office Team


Mrs Helen Grainger - Office Manager

Mrs Alison McGerity - Admin Assistant

Mrs Yvette Nangle-Trigg - Admin Assistant

Miss Kylie Osborne - Educational Support Assistant


The Facilities Team

Adam Burton Jnr - Site Manager

Adam Burton - Caretaker

Foundation & Lower School Teachers

Ms Vicky O'Brien - EYFS Lead/DSL

Mrs Aimee Wilkes - Class Teacher (F1)

Mrs Marta Szwej - Class Teacher (F1)

Miss Claire Turner - Class Teacher (F2CC)

Mrs Aimee Wilkes - Class Teacher (F2CC)

Mrs Helen Arnold - Class Teacher (F2HA)

Ms Carmel Walsh - Class Teacher (1CW)

Mrs Sarah Bailey - Class Teacher (1GB)

Mrs Kylie Goulding - Class Teacher (1GB)

Mrs Beverley Hann - Class Teacher (2CH)

Mrs Zoe Cutler - Class Teacher (2CH)

Miss Attia Rashid - Class Teacher (2AR)

Mrs Elaine Steel - Cover Teacher

Upper School Teachers

Miss Nicole Clements  - Class Teacher (3NC)

Ms Emma Hickens - Class Teacher (3EH)

Mr Richard Smailes - Class Teacher (4RS)

Mrs Shamila Eadon - Class Teacher (4ED)

Mr Matthew Williams - Class Teacher (5MW)

Miss Ava McDermott- Class Teacher (5AM)

Mrs Sarah Smailes - Class Teacher (6SS)

Mr Chris Greaves - Class Teacher (6CG)

Miss Melissa Davis - Deputy Headteacher and Class Teacher (6DB)

Mrs Leanne Hurford-Allsop - PPA Teacher

Mrs Kate Guy - Intervention Teacher

Mrs Megan Hayes - Cover Teacher

Mr Chris Marks - Sports Coach




Our Support Staff

Mrs Rosie Khan - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hasina Zaffron - Teaching Assistant

Miss Carmen Metcalf - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jess Akers - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Firzana Khalid - Teaching Assistant

Miss Jess Waplington - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nighat Jabeen - Teaching Assistant

Ms Gillian Pallender - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rosanna Buck - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Julie Nembhard - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Samira Sajid - Teaching Assistant

Ms Alison Bradnam - Teaching Assistant

Mr Gareth Peel - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Melanie Young - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Louise Evans - Teaching Assistant

Mr Macauley Mills - Learning Support

Mr Jordan Ash - Learning Mentor

Miss Izzy Sullivan - Learning Mentor

Our Midday and Out of Hours Support Staff

Mr Chris Marks - Lunchtime Leader

Mrs Nahid Akhtar

Mr Perry Bradshaw

Mrs Naseem Hussain

Mrs Jun Middleton

Mrs Nasim Khalil

Mrs Shamim Khan

Mrs Nahied Kosser

Mrs Sadaf Shaffi

Mrs Fariza Younis

Mrs Hayley Heaton

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