Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Claremont Curriculum

We love learning and we want your children to feel the same!


We aim to  engage every pupil with a varied and exciting curriculum which develops their skills at the same time as inspiring and motivating them to learn. "Hands-on" is the name of the game so we offer a wide range of trips, visitors and practical experiences to enhance learning.


This academic year we are developing our curriculum to enable our children to access the full range of subjects through the Cornerstones Curriculum tool.

Curriculum Intent

The approach to our curriculum at Claremont is ambitious and intends to develop our children's character alongside their academic knowledge, skills and understanding. It is ambitious in the belief that all children are able to master all of the content of the national curriculum, as well as gain the social skills and cultural capital needed in order to succeed in school and modern society. We ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and that we make adjustments where necessary so that all of our learners are able to access fully what we have to offer.


The curriculum is delivered through high quality classroom instruction by teachers and teaching assistants.  We pride ourselves on making experiences practical, engaging and enjoyable and our children reap the benefits of this approach through their positive attitudes and behaviour towards the school and their engagement with the curriculum.

We have a highly diverse, multi-cultural and vibrant population and our children achieve well. 


The impact of the curriculum, which has been carefully selected to match the requirements of the National Curriculum along with the specific needs and interests of our community, is developing year on year.  We deliver core subjects on their own and adopt a thematic approach to the curriculum and focus on the Foundation subjects within that theme.  The themes are designed to enable our children to access the required learning in a way that is meaningful to them and builds the foundations of future learning and success.  Through creative and active learning opportunities, all children can aspire to be who they want to be and do what they want to do.  This prepares our children for life in a fast moving, multi-skilled environment where some of the jobs they will do have not even been invented yet.  Skills such as communication, collaboration and resilience are common across the whole school day and build up year on year.




Long Term Plan 

Please see the details of our long-term plan. Each unit is topic based and provides our children the opportunity to acquire, consolidate and apply skills in the full-range of National Curriculum topics.

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