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Claremont's tips for getting a good quality ukulele for a great price!

Brilliant! I'm so please that yourself or your child has shown an interest in purchasing a ukulele! In fact, here at Claremont, we believe that pupils will get more benefits from having their own ukulele, and this is why: 


  • because of their size, ukuleles are very portable
  • they are a fantastic instrument to play solo or with an ensemble
  • It is a great instrument to develop your child's ear-training and music theory
  • compared to other instruments, they're inexpensive
  • ukuleles are a good instrument to develop singing
  • owning a ukulele will encourage more effective and frequent practise 
  • It will teach your child to be responsible and take care of their instrument






Ukulele Buying Guide 


Before buying any instrument, it's important to do your research first.  Nowadays, there are lots of websites that post reviews and you can even hear your instrument of choice played on video sharing sites like You Tube. However, in my opinion, there's no better substitute then going into a music shop and selecting a ukulele in person. In doing this, you get to ask any relevant questions, hear and try the instrument out for yourself before buying.


Another consideration, what type of ukulele?

Well, if you child's been in any ukulele groups at Claremont this term, then they will most definitely be familiar with the Concert Ukulele. This is a very common ukulele and most music shops provide them. To make sure you're selecting a Concert Ukulele, check the strings that it uses (which should be CGEA).  Still unsure? Any shop assistant will gladly help you or this information will be listed on selling sites such as Amazon and Ebay.


Did you know that you can now purchase a ukulele with 10% off the retail price directly from school?


To ensure that you are getting a quality ukulele at a great price, Claremont School has now teamed up with The Music Room, Nottingham. This local business provide branded ukulele such as Mahalo - £39 and Brumswick- £35. Importantly, we can get 10% off those retail prices for educational purposes but in order to do this, you need to purchase your ukulele through school. For more information, contact the school's office.