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Interactive Music

Welcome to the Interactive Music page!


What is Interactive Music?

Interactive Music is a fun, small group singing session that runs over a 6 week period. These sessions are extremely visual and interactive through the use of varied resources and the use of simple sign language. The children sing 5 songs during each session with a new song being added each week. Each song has a resource that the children take turns to use whilst the song is being sung e.g. the children all have pom poms to shake during the pom pom song. We also use pop up toys, teddies, lycra and various other resources to keep the session engaging and fun.


How does this session benefit the children?

  • The children have lots of fun.
  • Develops social interactions with peers.
  • Develops speech and language skills including the use of simple sign language.
  • Promotes the importance of taking turns.
  • All children can participate in the session.
  • Gives opportunity for older children to act as role models for younger children.
  • Develops confidence.


Thank you for taking the time to read about Interactive Music sessions!