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Lego Club

Year 4 Lego Club 2017/2018


In September 2017, there were over 30 children expressing an interest in joining the Lego Club and that was ONLY the Year 4 children!!!! So, to meet this incredible demand, a series of Clubs have been run to make sure that each and every one of those children has had the option to attend.  I am so PLEASED to say that ALL of those children, who wanted to delight and amaze us with their constructions, have now had the opportunity to do so. They have shown great patience waiting for their turn, some amazing creativity, fantastic working together skills and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - HAD FUN!   So, well done Year 4's, you have been Lego Superstars. From Mrs Evans.



Throughout the year, we have several lunch clubs playing games like Headbandz, Twister, Guess Who and creating puzzles and jigsaws.  This encourages children to take turns, socialise with each other in a fun and interactive way and develop other skills including communication and strategy skills.


In addition, some children also attend Lego club to create some amazing and wonderful constructions based around themes like buildings, islands, rockets, spaceships, vehicles etc.  It would be lovely to think that we may have future architects, engineers or construction magnates in our clubs! 


Of course, to keep offering our children these clubs, we always need good quality games and Lego, so if you are having a sort out, please drop any donations into school. These will always be welcome.