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KS1 Life Skills


Welcome to our Life Skills page!

Our Life Skills program aims to provide an early opportunity to experience activities and skills necessary to participate in everyday life. Life Skills provide us with the tools required to lead a more productive and fulfilling life, and expands our understanding of the world around us.

Our Life Skills activities may include:

  • Using public transport
  • Using money

  • Going to the shops (buying ingredients)

  • Communication skills

  • Listening skills

  • Social skills

  • Diet (healthy and unhealthy foods)

  • Gardening

  • Getting undressed and dressed

  • Tying shoes laces

  • Preparing food (cakes, sandwiches, fruit salad etc)

  • Washing up

Road Safety

After discussing the rules we were ready to hit the roads of Nottingham. We learnt how to cross the roads safely and looked at the different rules for each type of crossing. We had a great time looking for all the objects on our I-spy sheet. 

Morning Routine

We had a fantastic time going through our morning jobs. First, we brushed our teeth to make them sparkling clean. After we washed our faces then we had some yummy breakfast. We poured our cereal and milk independently, there were a few spillages but that's all part of learning.

Shopping Trip

We decided to take a shopping trip to buy ingredients for pancakes. We were very good at finding the ingredients in the shop. We had an eggcellent time!


We have been exploring the coins 1p,2p,5p,10p,20p and 50p. We loved looking at all the different coins. We enjoyed using the money to buy items.

Crossing the Road Safely

We went on a hunt for objects outside, we learnt how to cross the road safely. We now know to look right then left and look to the right again for any moving vehicles before we can cross.

  Shopping Trip

We went on a trip to the shops to get some ingredients to make cakes. We were very excited! We paid the lady for the ingredients. When we got back to school we measured the ingredients mixed them together. We put them in the oven ready to cook. We let them cool down as they were too hot! When they were cool enough we ate them all up. Yummy!!

Shopping List

We went around the classroom asking adults if they would like anything  from the shops. We made a shopping list and used it when we went to the shops, we made sure we wrote down the prices to tell the adults. When we got back we gave the teachers the correct item and made sure they paid the correct amount.

Healthy and Unhealthy foods

We discussed different foods and sorted them into healthy and unhealthy foods. We walked to the shop to buy healthy foods. We bought lots of fruit to make a fruit salad. We cut the fruits safely with knifes and made a BIG fruit salad. When we were finished we went outside for a little picnic to enjoy our fruit salad. It was delicious!!


Today we learnt about hygiene. First, we had a talk about keeping clean, how we keep clean and why? Next we had a go ourselves, we got some water and added washing up liquid and cleaned the dirty dishes and washed the dolls to make them all sparkling clean! We had great fun! After we made sure we rinsed the pots to get rid of all the soapy bubbles.