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Key Stage 2 Lunch Club

Welcome to Mrs Wrightson's Lunch Club


Firstly, thank you for visiting our page! It's so great that we can work together in supporting your child within school. My name is Mrs Wrightson and I work in 1AW.

Every Thursday I will be leading a Lunch Club for the Key Stage 2 children. During the 30 minutes each Thursday we will be enjoying a variety of activities. Our first club involved us working together to produce a list of activities which the children would most like to do. This included:


Board Games

Clay modelling

Top Trumps

Laptop Games



This Summer Term we have been...............












Playing board games!

Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies.....

Clay Modelling........ 

We made Angry birds and a nest for them!😁

We have also enjoyed drawing favourite cartoon characters by following videos from YouTube! It’s worked really well and the children have produced some great pictures, so please feel free to give it a try at home!