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Writing Wednesday Challenge!


Making Labels



This week’s writing challenge is to make labels for things around your home. Have a look around the home together and decide what needs a label – the toys, the tea bags, the shoes? You can use sticky tape/blu tack or just lay the label next to the object.

When you are writing your label remember to say the word and write the sounds you can hear.


Parents and carers tip – Try to let your child be as independent as possible with their writing. If they have written one or two sounds that they have heard themselves this is more valuable than simply copying. Encourage them to say the word, then the sounds they can hear then write them. Try not to worry if the spelling is incorrect, it is more important for your child to have a go and to celebrate their efforts. If they are unsure of what a letter sound looks like, use the letter mat that has the pictures and formation. Can they spot the sound they need? You can always support them by repeating the word slowly and repeating the sounds they could hear e.g. “tap...t-a-p”


We are looking forward to seeing your labels, email them to us if you can!


Here are some ideas...


Last Week


Our friend Mr. Wolf has asked us for some help with this challenge...



He is trying to make some pancakes and needs to write a list of ingredients...

But wolves aren't very good at writing so can you help?


Here are the things he needs.....



Can you write the list for him? What does a list look like? Remember, say the word, count the sounds, write the sounds you can hear.


If you can send a picture of your list to your teacher's email address, listed in the post below. We can post some of them on to the website to share with everyone.



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