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Writing Wednesdays

Room on the Broom

It's Writing Wednesday! As it is the last week of term, I thought I would read one of my favourite stories to you. It is one that I read at school a lot so I am hoping you can join in with some of it as you listen and watch. Our Writing Wednesday task this week is to write and tell me with your favourite part of the story or your favourite character. Or you could do both.

For example:


'My favourite character is the frog. I like it when they all get on the new broom'




'I like the cat' or 'My best bit is when the dragon roars'


or you could even draw your favourite character and write a speech bubble for them to show your favourite bit of the story...



'I'm planning to have witch and chips for my tea'


Listen to me reading the story here:



Room on the Broom

Miss Turner reads one of her favourite stories.

All About Me

Its Writing Wednesday! It's a really important writing task this week and hopefully lots of you will have a go! I hope that you all have received your letter telling you who your new teacher will be in September. Your new teachers are really looking forward to seeing you! I thought it would be nice if you sent them a little message about yourself so they can remember you. Start by drawing a picture of yourself and then write your message. Here are some sentence starters you could use to write your message. Think about what you are looking forward to doing when you come back to school.


I am...


I like to....


I am good at...


I am friends with...


I am looking forward to...


When you have written your message please send it to me and I will send it to your new teacher! Here is an example I wrote...



 Design an Umbrella 

Rain, rain go away, come again another day! It is really wet and rainy outside this week so you'll need your wellies and an umbrella! I can't seem to find an umbrella I like and I thought that Lions and Bears might like to have a go at designing one. When you have finished drawing your umbrella design, remember to label it to show your great ideas. Maybe it will have an interesting pattern? Or maybe it will have pictures of your favourite characters? Maybe it will be a different shape to the usual umbrella shape we see? It might have some cool gadgets on that would be useful on a rainy day!


Here are some examples of umbrellas...



Here is my umbrella design with labels. To make a label, draw an arrow from each part of your umbrella and write what it will be like. I can't wait to see yours!

Animal Fact File

I had an exciting day today as we went to visit an animal park where we saw one of my favourite animals...a giraffe! It was great and the giraffe was so tall and stuck out his long tongue so far to reach the leaves on a high tree!




Here are some pictures of different types of giraffe..they have slightly different patterns.



For our Writing Wednesday challenge I would like you to tell me about your favourite animal using a fact file. A fact file tells us important and interesting information about something. For our animal fact file you could write the name of your animal, where they live, what they eat,  and maybe one other fact that you think would be interesting.

Here is my fact file...

Send me a picture of your fact files! I can't wait to find out about your favourite animal!








                             Wishes Jar  

It's Writing Wednesday and we are starting to think about things we have to look forward to over the Summer and beyond. We have all been missing some of things we like to do and we are all hoping that we will soon be able to see people that are special to us. I thought it would be nice for us to write down some of the things we are looking forward to doing when we can and create a 'wishes jar' to keep them in.


Step 1 - On some post it's, strips of paper or some shapes you have cut out, write a wish one each one. For example 'Play with my friends' 'Go swimming' 'See Grandpa and Grandma'.

Step 2 -  Find an old jar or box. You could clean out an old jam or coffee jar for example or a shoe box. Put all your wishes inside.


Step 3 - Decorate your jar with paint and any crafty bits that you have at home to make it really special. You could also draw and cut out a picture to stick on the front with sellotape.

Step 4 - Pick out a wish to fulfil when it is safe to do so. Hopefully it will make us feel extra happy to do something that we have hoped and wished for!





Writing Wednesday!


Our writing challenge this week is to create a speech bubble for your favourite character. It could be a character from a story, a film or TV programme. A speech bubble tells us what the character is saying. It is up to you to imagine what kind of things he or she might say and have a go at writing it. Remember to think of what you want to write and say it, to help you remember. Write the first word then say your sentence again to remind you what to write next. If you are not sure how to spell something then say the word, count the sounds, then write the sounds you can hear.

Here are some examples


  You will never defeat the evil pea!

The Evil Pea is shouting at Supertato so I used a exclamation mark to show this. This is an exclamation mark


 Hold on tight!

Zog is telling Princess pearl to hold on tight in an excited voice so I also used an exclamation mark !


  Where is the cat car?

Cat boy is asking a question so I used a question mark ?

These punctuation marks help us to show the reader how our character is speaking as well as what they are saying. Have a go at using one in your speech bubble.





Hi Lions and Bears!


I wanted to tell you about one of our favourite books. We have been reading it lots at my house and we really love it.

If you would like to, you can listen to me reading it, it’s called ‘Little Owl’s Egg’.

Little Owl's Egg

Miss Turner reads Little Owl's Egg by Debi Gliori

For our writing this week, I wondered if you could write about your favourite book, it could be a story or an information book.

You could take a photo of the book or draw a character or a scene from the story. Then tell us what the story is called, like this:


Little Owl's Egg is a good book.

 You could then write some more about your favourite book. Which is your favourite bit of the book? Who is your favourite character? Why do you like it E.g.

My best bit is when Little Owl hugs the egg. My favourite character is Mummy Owl. I like the book because it has a happy ending.


I’m really looking forward to reading about your favourite books. Maybe it will give us an idea of what to read next!

Miss Turner


Writing Wednesday

Watch this video of the story "Dear Zoo" By Rod Campbell. 

Can you have a go at writing your own sentence or story in the same style as Dear Zoo? First think of an animal that you want in your story. Write "They sent me a ..." Then think of a reason that the animal might not be a good pet. Write "She/He was too... I sent her/him back."

Here's my version of "Dear Zoo":

I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet. They sent me a cat. She was too scratchy! I sent her back.

So they sent me a deer. He was too timid! I sent him back.

It would be great if you could write your own. If you send them to your teachers they can put them on Dojo or the class webpage for other children to read! You could draw pictures too? Can't wait to see your work! 

Wednesday Writing

Listen to this story about a butterfly who is guessing but keeps getting it wrong!

Listen to the story of ‘Monkey Puzzle’. Even with the clues from little monkey, poor butterfly still didn’t realise that his Mum was a monkey too! Let’s see if we can make a guessing game for our Wednesday Writing Challenge.

Watch the video of Miss Turner below and see if you can guess which animal she is thinking of from the clues she gives…

Animal Clues

Now see if you can write your own clues for your friends to guess the animal.. Here is an example

I have 8 legs.

I like to build a web.

I eat flies.

Who am I?




I am a spider! 

Wednesday Writing

Noah had a brilliant writing idea! I've taken his idea so everyone can have a go! Thank you for sharing Noah!

Make a cafe at your home for your Mum or Dad, brother or sister. Or for the whole family. Ask an adult what you could serve at your cafe and write a menu. Give your menu to your family to read. What would they like to order? Could you make a note of what each person would like (this is what waiters do at a proper cafe)? It will help you to remember each order!

Get an adult to help you to prepare and serve the food. You'll definitely need help if anything at your cafe is hot!

Lastly enjoy watching your family have a good time at your cafe. Real cafes aren't open at the moment so this will be a real treat!

If you'd like to send us photos of your cafe or menu we can put them on Dojo or the website. 🍪🍨🍰🥤🥪🥯🧇
Watch this video of the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" By Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle. 
Can you have a go at writing your own sentence or story in the same style as Brown Bear? First think of an animal that you want in your story and the colour that you'd like it to be. Then think of a different coloured animal that the first animal can see.

Here's my version of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?":

Orange Dinosaur, Orange Dinosaur, What do you see? I see a Purple Zebra looking at me.

Purple Zebra, Purple Zebra, What do you see? I see a Yellow Butterfly looking at me.

It would be great if you could write your own. If you send them to your teachers they can put them on Dojo or the class webpage for other children to read! You could draw pictures too? Can't wait to see your work! 

Write a Diary!

The teachers are really missing you and would love to know what you are up to at home!


For your writing this week, please send us a diary of what you are up to on one day. This can be a sentence e.g. 'I played with my toys' or ‘I read my book’, ‘I helped to make lunch’ or you could draw a picture or send a photo of something you are doing and write some words e.g. ‘mummy’ ‘book’ ‘lego’ ‘cars’. You could even do a picture for the morning and the afternoon and write about each.



We had lunch.                red car           I read a book.


We are really looking forward to hearing how you have been having fun at home smiley


Write a Message to a friend!  


This week have a think about your friends at school. Can you remember their names and what kind of games you like to play with them? We thought it would be nice if you had a go at writing a message for a friend  from school. The teachers can post it on our class page and then your friend might see it and reply to you! 


Have a go at drawing a picture of your friend and writing their name or you could draw a picture of you and your friend together. 


You could write their names and tell them that you miss them, you could also tell them something that you have been doing at home. You might just want to write your friend's name and 'hello'.


Ask your grown up to take a picture and send them to your teacher if they can. We will share it on your class page.



 hello lily                                                   Sam and Lewis

I miss you. I have been playing                 hello Sam           

PJ masks.                                                 from Lewis


From Zoe






Previous Challenges


Making Labels



This week’s writing challenge is to make labels for things around your home. Have a look around the home together and decide what needs a label – the toys, the tea bags, the shoes? You can use sticky tape/blu tack or just lay the label next to the object.

When you are writing your label remember to say the word and write the sounds you can hear.


Parents and carers tip – Try to let your child be as independent as possible with their writing. If they have written one or two sounds that they have heard themselves this is more valuable than simply copying. Encourage them to say the word, then the sounds they can hear then write them. Try not to worry if the spelling is incorrect, it is more important for your child to have a go and to celebrate their efforts. If they are unsure of what a letter sound looks like, use the letter mat that has the pictures and formation. Can they spot the sound they need? You can always support them by repeating the word slowly and repeating the sounds they could hear e.g. “tap...t-a-p”


We are looking forward to seeing your labels, email them to us if you can!


Here are some ideas...


Last Week


Our friend Mr. Wolf has asked us for some help with this challenge...



He is trying to make some pancakes and needs to write a list of ingredients...

But wolves aren't very good at writing so can you help?


Here are the things he needs.....



Can you write the list for him? What does a list look like? Remember, say the word, count the sounds, write the sounds you can hear.


If you can send a picture of your list to your teacher's email address, listed in the post below. We can post some of them on to the website to share with everyone.