Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone


Winter was so much fun!

We love playing outside in all weather, here in nursery! We especially enjoyed looking at the changes that happen in our yard during winter.


The book 'Over and under the snow' was one of our stories of the week.


We learned a very special word for animals who sleep through the winter...


We looked at lots of different stories about animals that hibernate. Such as hedgehogs and bears.




Christmas at Claremont!

We did so much fun making and celebrating during the festive period! We started by reading a funny story called 'Father Christmas needs a Wee!'


We worked really hard to learn lots of new songs so we could perform in the nativity show with F2. Thanks to all the grown ups who attended. We felt so proud of ourselves!


We had a super special christmas party, with a very special guest who brought us presents!