Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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What have 5AM been up to?

Hasan has been really busy this week. He learned some brilliant new skills - making yummy spring rolls! He also described what it would be like to walk along the International Space Station and completed some out of this world maths! Well done Hasan!

Phillip has been busy helping his little brother learn all about floating and sinking, well done Phillip!

Anamtah has been busy completing some space fractions. Well done Anamtah, keep up the hard work!

Isaac and his siblings have been busy creating their own rockets and space scenes. Isaac even created a 'family' from lollipop sticks. According to Isaac, they needed to go to space to get some food. Well done Isaac - great imagination!

Hagen has been working hard learning all about fractions. Well done Hagen!

Cylene has been working hard on her times tables at home. Well done Cylene, that's a brilliant way to keep busy and keep learning!

Some of 5AM have created their own mnemonics to help them remember the order of the planets. Well done Phillip, Hasan and Harmony!

Thursday's Big Question asked 'Why is there life on earth?' Some of 5AM had brilliant ideas, using their knowledge of space, Hasan, Phillip and Lewis responded with these brilliant ideas.

Hasan has been working heard to understand percentages and learn all about Neil Armstrong. Well done Hasan!

Harmony has been really busy learning all about percentages and Neil Armstrong, as part of our Space theme this week. Well done Harmony, keep up the hard work!

Azaan has been working hard to complete his learning pack at home. He has also been baking with his silblings, it looks seriously yummy, well done Azaan!

Astin's Super Solar System Rap! Watch Astin's awesome rap all about our solar system. He's included so many cool facts about the planets that he's learned. I definitely think Mars is 'red hot like your bars' Astin, well done, we may have a new superstar on our hands!

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Astin has worked really hard to create his space fact file and song, they're both brilliant. He has also been busy creating some bar charts and working on percentages in maths. In addition to this, Astin has also created some fantastic space themed art and as well as testing his times tables knowledge. He has definitely been working hard, well done Astin!

Phillip has been super busy already this week, he's been learning lots about our solar system. He has created some brilliant artwork and written a really informative fact file. In addition to this, Phillip has also been learning all about percentages in maths. You have definitely been busy Phillip - keep it up!

Hagen has been completing this week's percentages activities as well as doing his own research into The Trojan War because he's interested in it. Well done Hagen!

Lewis has been learning all about 'Superhero Animals' using our activities from last week's 'Animals' theme. This is great Lewis, keep up the hard work, and keep smiling!

Isaac has been keeping busy at home by reading his favourite books, helping his little brother and completeing some maths work. This is brilliant Isaac, keep it up!

Harmony has been baking some delicious treats at home. Now is a great time to learn a new skill and this is one I look forward to sampling. Well done Harmony!

Phillip has been busy again, this time he has been interpreting bar charts and creating some of his own, using the work provided in our 'Animals' theme this week. Well done Phillip!

Astin and his brother have been creating some beautiful rainbows to thank our amazing NHS for all their hard work. Well done Astin!

Isaac has been busy writing lovely letters to the local care home, enjoying time with his siblings and celebrating his birthday in his new onesie and gaming chair! Happy birthday Issac!

Phillip has been super busy completing activities from his home learning pack. Well done Phillip, keep up the hard work!