Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Week Commencing 25/01/21

We listen to calming music in class to help us concentrate and stay calm. Here is a link to some, if you would like to listen to it at home too: 


Please watch the video for the lessons listed below then complete the worksheet below for the lesson listed and send over on your Dojo portfolio.


Monday: Add money -

Tuesday: Subtract money -

Wednesday: Give change -

Thursday: Money Word Problems - No video today :)

Friday: Times Table Rock Stars or NUMBOT Practise


Wednesday: Will be sent over on the Class Dojo Class Story on the day.

Friday: Will be sent over on the Class Dojo Class Story on the day.



Look at the picture above then have a go at answering these questions...

1. Why is the robot standing there, looking at the clouds?

2. What does it mean to expect something? If you expect something to happen, how likely is it?

3. What is the ‘expectation’ in this image?

4. How will the robot react when it happens?

5. What if it doesn’t happen?

6. Do you have any expectations in your own life (either of yourself or of others)?

Tuesday: Follow this link and watch lesson 4

Thursday: Follow this link and watch lesson 5

Afternoon Task:

Monday - Topic: Follow this link and complete lesson 5

Tuesday - Topic:  Follow this link and complete lesson 6

Wednesday - Reading: Follow this link and complete lesson 3

Thursday - R.E: Follow this link and complete lesson 3

Friday - P.E: and click today!

Optional Activity Pack


Monday: Follow this link for Yoga -

Tuesday: Follow this link for this mindfulness video -

Wednesday: Follow this link for a dance along -

Thursday: A worry monster is a great way of helping you think about and manage your worries. If you would like to make a worry monster use the instructions below.

Friday: Follow this link for Yoga -