Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone

Week Commencing 12/07/21


Tuesday: Today we are going to plan the beginning of our Newspaper Articles all about Ted discovering the Claremont medal - Click on the document below to download the template or feel free to make your own.

Wednesday: It is time to finish our Newspaper plan... Don't forget your headline should include a pun or alliteration and your Introductory Paragraph contains the 5W's - Check out the features below if you are unsure.

Thursday:  Get your teacher hat on! Today you are going to be a teacher and edit and improve your own work - Remember to add punctuation for direct speech and add expanded noun phrases and similes for effect.

Friday: It is time to publish your work - Download the template below or write your own! Remember best handwriting smiley


Don't forget to upload your work on to Class Dojo to earn Dojo points! smiley


Tuesday: Arithmetic Questions - Download or view them below.

Wednesday: Division- Bus Stop Method Three digit and 1 digit

Thursday: Arithmetic Questions - Download or view them below.

Friday: Mixed Multiplication and Division word problems and Times Table Rockstars practise!



Tuesday- Geography: Complete the End of Year quiz and then use the internet to label the flags and their capital cities.  Don't forget to stay safe on the internet, use kiddle and have an adult around!


Wednesday- Science: Follow the link for the lesson on Light and Shadow.


Thursday- Computing/Geography: As we know, Japan is hosting the Olympics this year. Use the internet to fill out the 'Japan Snapshot' sheet. Don't forget to stay safe on the internet, use kiddle and have an adult around!


Friday- PE: Follow the link for a Lesson on water safety Follow the link for some mindful yoga on confidence