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Week Commencing 07/12/20


Click on the link and watch the video for that lesson and then complete the worksheet. 

Lesson 1: Divide by 2

Lesson 2: Divide by 5

Lesson 3: Divide by 10

Lesson 4: No video - complete multiplication and division assessment 

Lesson 5: Times Tables Rock Stars Practise



Follow the link and complete lessons 1 to 5 (one a day).







Activity 1: Create a pitch for your chocolate truffles. Explain why I should buy your chocolates.

  • What are they made with?
  • Why is it special?
  • Who is it designed for?
  • How much do they cost?

An adult could even video you doing your pitch and send it on dojo, to show the rest of the class when we do ours!


Activity 2: Evaluate your chocolate truffles using the worksheet below. If you didn't get a chance to try your truffles, create an evaluation for your favourite sweet treat.



Please follow the link and complete Lesson 4.



Please follow the link and complete Lesson 4.



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