Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Week Commencing 16/11/20

Suggested Timetable

Writing/Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Wednesday 18th November: Watch the video (on your Dojo page) on how to carry out your tasks. You will need your Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.

Maths - 1 lesson a day (approximately 20 minutes each)

For every Maths lesson there is a short video to watch, followed by a teacher presented presentation and a worksheet.


Please follow the link below to access all the videos:


Thursday onwards:


Wednesday - Add and subtract 3-digit and 2-digit numbers.

Thursday - Add and subtract 100s

Friday - Spot the patterns

Afternoon Session


Our topic for Circle Time this week is bullying as it is Anti-Bullying Week.


Wednesday - Please watch the video below:

Have a think about what you can do to "play your part" to unite against bullying...

Maybe you can make a poster, record a video or write a short story to show how we can unite against bullying - Don't forget to share your ideas on Class Dojo :)


Friday - Today Claremont are holding an Odd Socks Day to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying... share some pictures of your odd socks on Class Dojo and we can share ours too!

There is also an odd socks worksheet below for you to create your very own odd socks :)


Odd Socks Task


Still image for this video
Thursday's Handwriting session


Quick retrieval - What can you see?

List as many adjectives (describing words) as you can think of...

Next... What can you infer from this picture?

  • What are the children doing? Why?
  • Why is this house made of sweets?
  • Who lives here? How do you know?
  • Who is peeking out from behind the door? Why is she hiding? Do the children know that she’s there?
  • What’s going to happen next?