Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Week beginning 6th July


So, the BBC have finally caught up with us!

This week, I would like you to use the BBC Bitesize lessons to revise our Measurement work. They have lessons on: 

- Converting between miles and kilometres: 18th June

- Perimeter of area and shapes: 22nd June

- Area of a triangle: 23rd June

- Area of a parallelogram: 24th June

- Volume of cubes and cuboids: 25th June


Don't forget to use your "Really" Book to help you remember what we learnt. Carry out one lesson per day.


Also, in class we will be learning about 3D shapes. We will make some out of nets. Obviously, this will be difficult to do at home if you do not have a printer, but.....if you search on our YouTube channel, you will find some tutorials from Mr Smailes on how to make some shapes where you only need a piece of paper. Here is a link to the first one:



This week in school we will be working on our End of Year presentation - remember the work on "I remember", "It makes me smile" and "One day". If you have access to Powerpoint, can you make a presentation all about your time at Claremont? If not, I would like you to write a short piece each day under the three headings - you can illustrate each section if you want. Use Day 4 and Day 5 to edit and improve your writing: can you put in at least one complex sentence, one semicolon, one set of dashes or brackets? I would love to see your work if you can send a photo and I promise to put it on the website!



In school, we will carry on finding out about the ancient Mayans. This week the focus will be on the legend of the Uxmal Dwarf. I would like you read the information below and then turn the story into a comic strip: make it 5 sections and complete one section per day. Don't forget to illustrate it if you can. If you send me a picture, I will post it on the website.


Take care and stay safe!


PS if you still have a school reading book at home, I would be really grateful if you could send it back - either through the post or by dropping it off at Reception (letting Mrs Nangle Trigg know it belongs to 6SS) - Thanks!