Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Week beginning 22nd June

It is going to be rather "bitty" this week as we settle into a new routine. I will try and put each day's work on the website during the day. I will put copies of any sheets we have done and the follow-up work for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you find it difficult to follow (or do not have a protractor for example), I suggest using BBC Bitesize or The Oak National Academy for extra help.

This week we will be working on angles, 2D shape and report writing.

"Really" chapter on Angles and Shape


It has been a bit slow today as we worked around a new timetable, so there isn't much work to give you. 


We talked about angle vocabulary, turns, right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles and learnt how to use a protractor.

Then we completed pages 260 to 268.


We have begun a papier mache "Day of the Dead" mask in Topic. You might want to search for Literacy Shed on the internet ( and there is a lovely section about the festival. Can you write a story about the festival?


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday follow-up work