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Week 6 w/c 8th Feb

Chinese New Year falls on 12th February this year

Week 6

The Great Race



Here are our suggested learning activities this week. Please remember there is no expectation for any or all of these to be completed.



Activity 1:

  • Watch the story of the week together (YouTube video below). Pause during the race and talk together about who you think might win the race and why. 


Activity 2:

  • Cosmic Yoga - Cracker the Dragon of Wonder. You can find the link below.



Our story of the week is "The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac" by Dawn Casey

Join us for a story time reading of "The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac" by Dawn Casey!

Cracker The Dragon Of Wonder | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure with Cracker The Dragon Of Wonder all about seeing the wonderful in everything!🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids ap...



Activity 1:

  • Make a Chinese lantern see the instructions below. First decorate your lantern. You might want to choose red because this is thought to be a very lucky colour!

Activity 2:

  • Practise your scissor skills today by cutting the Chinese lantern see the instructions below.


If you don't have the resources for this at home you could draw the template on the back of a cereal box or any packaging you have at home. You could also use the Dojo app to draw a picture too.


Instructions for how to make a Chinese lantern

You can download your own lantern template here





  1. Draw around your child’s hand or if they are able they could do it themselves.
  2. Together think of a really happy memory, this can be recent or from a long time ago. You could look at photos on your phone as prompts.
  3. Your child draws their memory in the palm of their hand.
  4. Each finger will then represent a different sense for your memory.
  • See – what did you see?
  • Hear – what did you hear?
  • Smell – what could you smell at the time?
  • Taste – what did you taste?
  • Touch – what did you feel?
  • I did this activity last year with my then three year old. See how we got on below! 


Activity 1:

  • The sound we will be focusing on is 't'. At home you could try going on a hunt to find as many items as you can that start with 't'. It would be great to see some photos of this on your ClassDojo. Look out for the phonics video on ClassDojo.

Activity 2:

  • We will be making dragons and dancing to Chinese music in class. You could use the ClassDojo app to draw your own dragon! 

Positive Palm/ Happy Hand 08.07

See class page for activity details.

Dragon dance in London Chinese new year celebration

Amazing Dragon dance during Chinese new year celebration in London Trafalgar square



Activity 1:

  • Watch Abbie celebrating Chinese New Year on CBeebies. Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? In nursery we celebrate how everyone one is different and we all enjoy different celebrations at home. Talk about what you do celebrate ... birthdays? Holi? Eid al-Fitr? Christmas? Diwali? Bonfire Night? Easter?

Activity 2:

  • Our number of the week is 7. Can your child find 7 objects? I will set this up as an activity on Class Dojo.

CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie takes to the street with her family for a parade and firecracker display.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games an...



Activity 1:

  • Revisit our story of the week by enjoying a different version. Can you child retell any of the story after they finished watching it? What was their favourite animal and why? I liked the ox because it was kind and helped the rat.  See the link below.


Activity 2:

  • Chinese wishing trees are a big part of Chinese New Year festivities. First you need to write your wish on red paper, then tie them to oranges, and throw them up into a tree (carefully!). If the wishes stick it is thought that they will come true. In nursery the children will talk about their wish and we will scribe it for them.

Wishing Tree