Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Week 5 Rainbow Fish

Zainab’s lava lamp!

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Ying Rong 1CW has produced a fabulous Rainbow fish play!

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Zainab’s Rainbow Fish video! Fantastic!

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Ryan 1GB has found some amazing fish facts and great maths!

Piotr 1CW excellent lava lamp work!

Noah 1GB has been learning some VERY interesting fishy facts!

Ariana 1GB has been practising numbers with her fishy 🐠 maths.

Piotr 1CW has learnt about fish, dividing in maths, made some beautiful fish! Super SPAG too!

Isaac 1GB has been writing about the Rainbow fish and investigating and celebrating World Earth day 🌍

Dorian 1GB has been researching fish and catching magnetic fish to make amazing number sentences.

Hayley 1GB has made a rainbow, learnt lots of facts and created this wonderful rainbow fish 🌟

Rehaan 1CW has created an amazing Rainbow Fish story!

Ying Rong 1CW has been busy working hard. What an amazing Rainbow fish!!

Zainab 1GB has retold the Rainbow fish story beautifully paying excellent attention to sentence structure 🌟. great maths too!!!

Zac 1GB has worked hard to do dividing and written in a team with Mummy scribing to do a very detailed Rainbow Fish story 🌟

Amelia 1GB has completed some excellent phonics and made a beautiful picture with great use of colour!

Piotr 1CW I absolutely love your retelling of Rainbow Fish! Great work.

Paddy 1GB what a lot of SPAG and maths! Well done!