Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Week 5 w/c 1st Feb

Week 4

Ten Little Dinosaurs

You can find the link to this book below.


Here are our suggested learning activities this week. Please remember there is no expectation for any or all of these to be completed.


  • Watch the story of the week together. Can your child recognise any numbers? Do they notice anything interesting about how the dinosaurs look? 


  • When your child is more familiar with the story you could ask them some questions. Some suggestions are:
  • Which dinosaur did you like the best? Why? If your child doesn't answer or says the infamous "I don't know" then you could talk to them about your favourite dinosaur and explain why. This will hopefully encourage them to reply back to you. Another idea is pausing the story and talking about what you like about the dinosaur on that page. In nursery we try and read our story of the week once a day to support  your child's understanding of the characters, events that take place and setting.


  • Our number of the week is 6. Can your child find 6 objects? I will set this up as an activity on Class Dojo.


  • Dinosaur number game. We are going to put dinosaurs with numbers on them (up to 6) around the classroom then roll a dice and ask the children have to find the matching number. You could play this game at home too. You could put numbers up around the room using paper, the back of packaging or maybe you have a different idea! If you do not have a dice, you could write the numbers on slips of paper, fold them up and ask your child to select one from a bowl.
  • Dinosaur art - we are going to paint our own dinosaurs in class. If you do not have any paint at home any media will do to create your own dinosaur such crayons, pasta, sticks and stones - be as creative as you like. I have added some pictures below for inspiration! Don't forget to add any pictures on Dojo!



  • We are continuing to focus on building up the strength in your child's hands to support them being ready to practise name writing. Here are some of the ways you could do this at home:
  • Moulding playdough
  • Insert pipe cleaners into the holes of a box
  • Cut a straw and thread through a piece of string
  • Use a hole punch
  • Cutting 
  • Pouring water into jugs in the bath
  • Construction such as Lego or Duplo
  • Colouring
  • Placing small objects such as buttons on a drawn line 


  • If your child is ready to write their name you could write it out with a light coloured felt tip or highlighter pen and ask your child to trace over the letters. I can also provide a laminated name card for you to use at home. Please message me on Dojo if you would like one of these.

  • Little and often is the key to  name writing. Spending up to 10 minutes everyday will help to make a big difference with their writing skills.

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