Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone

Week 4 Spring!

Islaam 1GB has been busy making delicious cakes!

Noah 1GB has been making, baking, creating, doing maths, reading and writing! Well done!

Isaac 1GB has been investigating signs of spring and doing great maths!

Dorian 1GB has been investigating signs of Spring🌺🌼🌸.

Rehaan 1CW has done amazing science and maths measuring!

Piotr 1CW has been doing incredible footprint 👣 measuring and science 🧫 experiments!

Jai 1GB has been measuring the bunny footprints and has some excellent answers! Also art, maths and a Dino museum!

Ryan 1GB has been super busy doing lots of learning.

Zainab 1GB has been working hard at science, writing and maths.

Ying Rong 1CW has made a beautiful Easter picture and done fabulous maths.

Amelia 1GB has made a beautiful NHS 🌈 with her sister.