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Week 2 w/c 11th Jan

Week 2 


Below you can find the link to our story of the week and I have added a second version that I think the children will enjoy more because it's the singing version!


Here are our suggested learning activities this week. Please remember there is no expectation for any or all of these to be completed.


  • Watch the story together. At the end talk about what they liked about the story. What were their favourite pair of pants? Which ones didn't they like? Which were the funniest?


  • In class we will be looking at the patterns on printed pants but you could look at the patterns on your own pants! Make sure they are clean! Are they stripy? Spotty? 


  • Can you use the Class Dojo App to make your own pattern using two different colours? **Watch the video to find out how!**


  • This term we are focusing on building up the strength in your child's hands to support them being ready to practise name writing. Here are some of the ways you could do this at home:
  1. Moulding playdough
  2. Insert pipe cleaners into the holes of a box
  3. Cut a straw and thread through a piece of string
  4. Use a hole punch
  5. Cutting 
  6. Pouring water into jugs in the bath
  7. Construction such as Lego or Duplo
  8. Colouring
  9. Placing small objects such as buttons on a drawn line 


If your child is ready to write their name you could write it out with a light coloured felt tip or highlighter pen and ask your child to trace over the letters.


This activity will be repeated every week. In school we try to do two of these over the course of the week.




Repeating Pants Pattern

Use the Class Dojo app to make your own repeating pants pattern!

Pants. Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt. EYFS Stories

EYFS Story Reader.I am an Early Years Teacher and I am sharing many loved stories on here so children can enjoy, learn, have fun and gain a love for reading....

The Pants Song

Best song in the world according to my preschooler. Sung by Lenny Henry, written by Giles Andreae, Illustrated by Nick Sharratt. ISBN 0385609299 (0-385-609...

Pants! Listen to Mrs Wilkes read our story of the week and have a go at joining in with some of the counting at the end!

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