Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone

Week 2 Robots

Jai 1GB has been busy making, baking, writing and growing!

Dorian 1GB What a fabulous robot!!!

Wow!!! Amelia 1GB has created a hugely impressive giant robot!!!!!

Noah 1GB has made a fabulous robot, painted, written questions, been a scientist and set up a pet shop!

Zac 1GB has been making, baking, writing and building.

Sam 1CW has made an incredible Big Ben! Can you tell what time it says?

Islaam 1GB says “hi” 👋 and what lovely ponies and people you are making 💗

Ying Rong 1CW has been super busy designing her robot and working out number bonds to 20.

Amelia 1GB has been doing amazing maths 🌟

Zainab 1GB has been busy creating a robot and doing lots of writing and amazing maths!

Piotr 1CW what a lot of fabulous maths you are doing and I love your robot 🤖!