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Week 2 Robots

Jai 1GB has been busy making, baking, writing and growing!

Dorian 1GB What a fabulous robot!!!

Wow!!! Amelia 1GB has created a hugely impressive giant robot!!!!!

Noah 1GB has made a fabulous robot, painted, written questions, been a scientist and set up a pet shop!

Zac 1GB has been making, baking, writing and building.

Sam 1CW has made an incredible Big Ben! Can you tell what time it says?

Islaam 1GB says β€œhi” πŸ‘‹ and what lovely ponies and people you are making πŸ’—

Ying Rong 1CW has been super busy designing her robot and working out number bonds to 20.

Amelia 1GB has been doing amazing maths 🌟

Zainab 1GB has been busy creating a robot and doing lots of writing and amazing maths!

Piotr 1CW what a lot of fabulous maths you are doing and I love your robot πŸ€–!

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