Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone

Week 1 w/c 4th Jan

This week changed very suddenly! We have given the children time in class to adjust to these new rules and have led circle times around hand washing, good hygiene and why we have to stay at home again.


Our story this week is The Foggy Foggy Forest. All the children who attended school on Monday listened to this story with Miss Spiers. If your child did not attend or you would like to listen to the story again you can find the link below.



We will spend the rest of the week focusing on the rhyming words in the story and encouraging the children to do their own retell of the book.


How you can support your child at home:

  • Talk to your child about the importance of washing their hands.
  • Listen to our story of the week.
  • When the children are familiar with this story you could pause it before the rhyming words to see if they remember what the word will be. You could also support your child with retelling the story. This can be a tricky skill so it would be best to start by asking your child 'what happens next' rather than having to remember the whole book.
  • You could also make your own shadows and see if your child recognise what they are! Turn all the lights off and put an object in front of a torch - make sure your child doesn't peek!