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Week 1 w/c 22nd Feb

Our story of the week is Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

Monday 22nd February

Activity 1

Literacy (reading) and Speaking and Listening

Enjoy listening to our story of the week. You can find the link here:

Which animal was your favourite? Can you describe what they looked like? What colour was it? Did it have fur, scales or something different? What sound did it make?

I liked the black and white stripy zebra the best!



Activity 2

Creative and Maths

In school the children get their fruit and milk from the nursery ‘Snack Shop’. You might want to make one of these at home! You can see the one I have made with my little boys by cutting up a cereal box!


  1. Find a suitable box to make your shop – this can be any size and decorate it using any materials you like! I used foil and stickers but you can use anything you have at home.
  2. Choose some tasty snacks to put in your shop and make some price labels using numbers 1-5.
  3. It is up to you how your child could pay – money, pieces of paper or even pasta!
  4. This is a great way to practise number recognition and counting skills!

5 Things of the week - 22.02

Last year I made daily videos with my then three and five year olds. I don't have the time to repeat these because of being back at work and home schooling them both on Monday and Tuesday. However, I still think you might find these useful to join in with at home. It will give you a daily dollop of learning a colour, language, shape, number and sound in just over 3 minutes! We will be learning the same five things of the week in class too.

Tuesday 23rd February

Activity 1

Maths and Creative

This week our special nursery rhyme is Five Brown Teddies Sitting on a Wall.

First enjoy listening to the song a couple of times and when your child is more familiar with the lyrics they could act it out with their own teddies on their bed or sofa.



Activity 2


Our number of the week is 8. Find out more about the number 8 here:

I will setup a Class Dojo activity to find 8 objects in your house.

5 Things of the week - 23.02

Our daily dollop of learning a language, sound, number, shape and colour.

Wednesday 24th February

Activity 1

Literacy and speaking and listening

Revisit our story of the week. Encourage your child to join in with the repeated words "what do you hear? I hear a ... ".

Next can you make some sounds for child to guess what they are? You could run the tap, bang a spoon on a pan, make a timer beep or turn on one of their toys.

Or you can join in with this listening game: 



Activity 2


Play I Spy using the below picture. At this point it may be too tricky to use initial sounds but you could play this game in different ways such as I spy with my little eye something that is:

  • the colour ...
  • with horns.
  • big.
  • small.

Extra challenge:

Can you count how many polar bears there are?

5 Things of the week - 13.05.20

Come and join Mrs Wilkes, Isaac (age 5) and Finley (age 3) for our daily dollop of learning a language, sound, colour, number and shape in just over 3 minutes!

Thursday 25th February

Activity 1


You are going to make your own polar bear using circles and squares. It might be best for  the adult to draw the shapes but if your child would like to do this instead that would be great too! See the picture below for what shapes you need. Talk about the shapes together:

  • Look how many circles there are! Some are big and some are small.
  • This can't be a circle because it is not curved. I know it is a square.

Next, with adult supervision ask your child to cut out these shapes. Please don't worry if squares get cut in half or your circle looks like a triangle!! It is all part of the fun in learning to develop cutting skills! You know your child best, please only cut while it is fun! When they have had enough you can always come back to it later!

Activity 2

When you are ready join the pieces together with glue/tape/ Blu-Tack (anything you have in your house). See the picture below for an idea of how it could look! 

5 Things of the week - Thursday

Our daily dollop of learning a language, sound, colour, number and shape!

Friday 26th February

Activity 1


In nursery we are going to use our creative skills to make some animals from the story for our classroom display. You could do this at home using the ClassDojo draw app! You can find pictures of the different animals below.



Activity 2


Get your body moving and join in with Andy's Wild Work Out. Have fun moving like lots of different types of Artic animals.



5 Things of the week - Friday

Join Mrs Wilkes, Isaac (age 5), Finley (age 3) for our daily dollop of learning!A sound, language, number, shape and colour in under 5 minutes. We tried usin...