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Wednesday - Science - Where in the world? Which countires have which animals?

Animals from around the World!!!

Let's find out about:

* What the World looks like. 

* What the continents are. 

* How the climates are different. 

* Which animals live where!


Watch the video below and then make your own World animal map!

Explore The World | Learn Continents & Animals

Do you want to learn about the seven continents of the world and the various animals we can find there? Let's go on an exciting journey of the world in this ...

Can you match the animals to the continents on the world map?

Here are the pictures as files to print or please feel free to draw your own!

Animal map ideas

Or why not try a 3D animal globe?

Free printable document at This video shows how you can make an earth model using paper bowls. This is an educational activity...