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Thursday - Research Day! Frog lifecycles and habitats.

Time to find out all about frogs!

I have attached some videos for you to watch. Whilst you watch them can you try to listen out for the answers to the following questions?


1. What are frog eggs called?

2. What are the stages in a frog's life cycle?

3. What is the process of changing and growing called?

4. What does a frog look like at each stage of it's life cycle?

5. Where do you find frogs and tadpoles?

6. What things can you see in their habitat?

7. If I rescued a tadpole, what things would I need to give it to help it grow?

Metamorphosis | Metamorphosis Song for Kids | Frog Life Cycle | Frog Metamorphosis | Jack Hartmann

The Metamorphosis Song teaches children the stages and the life cycle of a frog.

Check out this amazing frog life cycle that Lamin created :)

How to care for tadpoles

A very clever boy called Toby shows us how to care for tadpoles.

Frogs are Amazing!

Fascinating facts about frogs.

Now that you have learnt all about frogs can you show me or your family all that you have learnt? You could record a video presentation, draw some pictures or make an information page like the one below! I can't wait to see what you do!

Here is a copy of that information page so you could even type up your hard work!!!