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Wednesday 8th July

You can do the following tasks in any order. They will stay here for a long time, so even if you can't do it on the day, you can come back later when you have more time.

Subject Task



What Happened When?

Open the document "What Happened When?" at the bottom of the page. 


Make a comic strip of the key parts of the story. Use the "Answers" document at the bottom of the page to check you've got the order of the events correct.


I have put a copy of the whole text at the bottom of the page if you need it.


Describing Lines

This is another lesson from BBC Bitesize.

Click on the image above when you are ready to start the lesson.


Lesson 5

In this lesson, you will learn about how plants transport water internally and watch this in an experiment.

Click here to start the lesson.