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Activity 1: Fractions and Decimals as Percentages

Today, we are continuing to learn about percentages. We are going to learn how to express fractions and decimals as percentages. For a video on how to do this click here.


Once you have watched the video click here for an activity based on what you have just learned. Again, write the answers in an exercise book or some paper.


Activity 2: Create a Solar System Mnemonic

After creating your song or rap yesterday and your fact file on Monday, you should now know lots about the planets, but it's important not to forget the order they come in. A useful way to remember this is by creating a mnemonic. This is where we use the first letter of each planet's name, in the correct order to create a sentence, in which each word begins with the same letter of the planet's names. It's like when we use 'Never eat shredded wheat' to remember the compass points 'North, South, East and West'.

Below you will see a picture of the planets and the correct order they come in after the sun. The order of the letters needed is: M, V, E, M, J, S U, N. There is also an example of a mnemonic below which could help you to create your own.