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Wednesday 30th June








Maths Starter

Click on the picture above to o straight to the website.

Spend 10 -15 minutes playing on NUMBOTS to build up Your number bond skills.






Click here to access the White Rose Maths lesson.

It is called Compare angles, make sure you choose the right one!

Answer the questions on the worksheet below.




Don't worry if you cannot print the worksheet off at home, just answer the questions on a piece of paper.

Remember to post your work on 

I will post the answer sheet this afternoon on class story.


The Olympics Lesson 2

The Ancient and Modern Olympic Games

Click on the two pictures below to watch a video and read a blog  about the Ancient and Modern Olympics.











Open the Olympic Games and Olympic Games Table documents in the resources section below.

Draw /print out the table and write the statements in the correct columns.


When you have finished, open the Olympic Games answer sheet document and see

how you have done. Let me know on 




Maths resources