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Wednesday 29th

5 things of the week - day 3

Let's go through our language, sound, colour, number and shape of the week in under 3 minutes!

Activity 1 - Can you retell the story?

Communication and Language, Literacy


Can you act out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?

  • Maybe your grown-up could be the giant and you could be Jack! Then you could swap roles.
  • You could use clean socks to retell the story. Your grown-ups big socks could be the giant and your little sock could be Jack.
  • If you find sticks outside you could find a big stick for the giant and a twig for Jack.
  • You could make your own stick puppets to act out the story.
  • You could make your own props for the story. Avanish and Aneya made fantastic castles and Hailey made her own beanstalk.

Mrs Szwej's little girl really likes this story too and you can watch her acting it out below.

Still image for this video

Activity 2 - Writing your name



We know the little boy in the story is called Jack. What is your name? Can you copy any of the letters from your name?


To the grown-ups,

We would not expect your child to be able to write their first name yet but they should be able to make marks to represent their name and maybe copy some letters. Any marks made are fantastic even if they look nothing like they are supposed to! We want to encourage our children to enjoy making marks and have lots of confidence to have a try. Letter formation will come later on!