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The sound today is 'y'.



Do you remember the facts about Mary Anning?

Can you write them today?

Write each new fact on a new line.

Remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your writing.

Check to make sure each sentence makes sense and you haven't forgotten anything.


Try to include -  Where did Mary live?

                      -  What did she like to do?

                      -  Why was she famous?

                      -  What did she discover?


Today we will be looking at tens and ones.

Worksheet and challenge


We are going to be making dino skeletons today! You can use whatever you can find in your home. there are some examples below that include, straws, pasta, cotton wool buds and cardboard tubes. You could use your finger dipped in paint, crayons or even draw the bones with a pencil. You have great imaginations, so will probably come up with ideas we never could have thought of! 

Start with the spine (the backbone) of your dinosaur, then do the body, skull (head) and legs.