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Wednesday 20th January

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Morning Maths

When you have completed the questions, try to upload them onto Dojo so I can see how well you have done.

Good luck!


Step One

Click here to access the first YouTube video for this lesson.


Step Two

Click here for the next video for this lesson.


Step Three

Click here for the last video for this lesson.


Click here to access the White Rose Maths lesson.

It is called Divide by 10, so make sure you choose the right one!


Answer the questions in the Worksheet booklet .The worksheet has also been posted below so that you can check that you are doing the correct one.

When you have completed the worksheet, use the answer booklet and the videos to check your answers.

The videos will help check your understanding.


As usual, post your work on


Click on the picture to watch the video 

What is an Ecosystem? 

This video focuses mainly on the classification of vertebrates.

Once you have learnt about fish,birds,mammal,reptiles and amphibians, make a poster about the common features of each group.

Here is an example,but you may choose any format you wish

I would love to see your completed posters. Remember to post your work on

Maths worksheet