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Grab your white boards (or paper) and get ready to learn another sound! Which sounds do you already know?

'oi' sound

Are you ready for today's phonics lesson? Have you got your white board (or paper)?


In today's lesson you will learn how to write the beginning of the story using vivid description. You will need your 'boxing up' paper from Monday's lesson. We are excited to read your writing!


Video lesson link -


Today you are going to be ordering groups of objects. Switch on your maths brains and get ready, it sounds like fun!


Video lesson link -


In today's lesson we would like you to evaluate the piece of art that you created on Monday.

Evaluate means think about it carefully.

What did you like?

What was easy? What was difficult?

What would you do differently next time?

We will be very interested to hear what you think about your work!