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Use your whiteboard and a whiteboard pen to write letters and words. If you don't have a whiteboard and a pen just use paper instead smiley

'igh' sound


Today our English lesson will be focused on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. 

We will form plurals using -s and -es.


Making plural nouns

English worksheet


Today we will be looking at tens and ones. This can be tricky for some, but don't worry as we will be continuing with this topic tomorrow. You are maths superstars so will probably find it easy!

You might need something to count with, for example, counters or buttons, or pieces of pasta or Lego. The tens frames from Monday might be useful too.


Video Lesson Link


Why not to pretend to be an animal for a day?

Do you want to be a strong elephant, an agile monkey, a proud giraffe or maybe a fearless lion?

All you need is a paper mask and a bit of imagination!

To make your mask you might need: 

- a paper plate (you can also use paper or card) 

- crayons/paints

- scissors

- glue - if you have extra elements for your mask like ears or horns

- skewer, lollipop stick, straw or any stick to hold your mask

- any other decorations you want to use eg. tissue paper, googly eyes etc. smiley





Below you can find some examples of animal masks