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Activity 1 and 2 Making a prop to use with our rhyme of the week ‘5 Little Ducks’

Expressive Art and Design

What you need:

  • Paper/card (you could use the back of a cereal box or packet)
  • Felt tips or marker pens
  • Scissors (adult guidance)


  1. Begin by drawing the outline of your hand just like you did last week when you made your happy hand.
  2. At the tips of each finger draw two eyes and a little beak to represent the ducklings (baby ducks). You might want to add more details on your ducklings – get as creative as you like!
  3. We are now going to use our ducks to help us sing our rhyme and bend one of the fingers down each time a duck swims away!

You can join in singing with me. Click the video below.

5 Little Ducks - 15.07

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