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5 Things of the week - 08.07

Activity 1 Positive Palm!

Personal, Social, Emotional


What you need:

  1. Draw around your child’s hand or if they are able they could do it themselves.
  2. Together think of a really happy memory, this can be recent or from a long time ago. You could look at photos on your phone as prompts.
  3. Your child draws their memory in the palm of their hand.
  4. Each finger will then represent a different sense for your memory.
  • See – what did you see?
  • Hear – what did you hear?
  • Smell – what could you smell at the time?
  • Taste – what did you taste?
  • Touch – what did you feel?

   5.You could either draw the answers to the above question around your hand or don't do any mark making at all and simply enjoy talking about each question together.


Finley and I did this activity, you can see us in the video below.



Positive Palm/ Happy Hand 08.07

See class page for activity details.

Activity 2 Name writing


How did you get on last week with recognising your name? Look at the name card and ask your child to trace over the letters using their finger.

Today we are going to write your name on the back of your picture to make sure everyone knows it belongs to you! I know lots of children are at different stages of handwriting, please choose the best option that works for you:

  1. The adult writes the name and the child traces over it.
  2. The child writes their first initial independently and then traces over the rest of the letters.
  3. The child writes their name independently – any mark making is fantastic. It does not matter if the letters do not look how they should. The main thing is your child is giving meaning to the marks they have made.