Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1: Identifying regular and irregular polygons

Click here for today's maths lesson on regular and irregular polygons. 


Activity 2: Factfile on your chosen inventor

Today, you are going to create a factfile on an inventor of your choice. Below you will find some documents with information about different inventions or inventors, you can choose an invention and research who invented it or you can choose an inventor from the list. You will also find a list of the key features of a factfile, make sure you check this list and include the key features in your writing. 

Activity 3: Child Inventors

Click here to learn all about some amazing inventions that were dreamt up by young inventors, they're inventions that we still use today! Once you have read all the information, you can now organise the knowledge you just learned into a spider diagram, which shows all the information about child inventors.