Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1 – Maths



Today we are going to practice selecting a small number of objects from a bigger group. Some children find it tricky to stop counting on at the requested number.

To improve that skill you can:

  • Ask your child to give you 3 Lego blocks while you are playing together
  • Ask your child to put 4 forks when setting the table for lunch
  • Or just simply put some items on the floor (crayons, blocks, puzzles) and ask them to give you a few ones e.g. 2 or 4

If they are very good at this game, you can ask them to give you a bigger number of objects…Why not to try 8 or even 12?

Activity 2 – Put the numbers in the right order



Cut out 12 squares and write numbers from 1 to 12, one on each. Mix them and ask your child to put them in the right order.

If your child is struggling, try with numbers 1-5 first.