Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1: Adding Two Mixed Numbers

Click here and read and follow the steps which will help with adding mixed numbers. Remember, a mixed number is when a whole number and fraction are written together. Once you have read and followed the steps, complete the activities below on paper or in an exercise book. 


Activity 2: Planning a Non-Chronological Report

Over the next couple of days, you will be planning and writing your own non-chronological report all about earthquakes. Remember, a non-chronological report is a non-fiction report which is not written in time order. To be able to create a report all about earthquakes, you will first need to learn some information about earthquakes. Watch the videos below, and make notes while you watch, these will come in handy later. You can also do some of your own research to make sure you have lots of information to include in your report. 

With the information you have learned and the notes you have made about earthquakes, you are now going to plan your non-chronological report. It will be helpful to organise your ideas into each paragraph of the report under a sub-heading. Decide on your subheadings first and then organise your knowledge into each section. Remember, for a plan you are only making short notes or bullet points, it will be your guide for writing your report. 

Activity 3: Self Portraits

Mrs Guy has again, very kindly created some exciting art homework for you to enjoy. This time, you will be using your self-portrait skills from earlier in the year to create a new portrait, enjoy!