Claremont Primary and Nursery School

A Brighter Future for Everyone




Today,  I would like you to revisit your draft from yesterday to add in a paragraph about the importance of bees in plant reproduction. 


Here is the link with the information you will need:


After you have added in your paragraph, can you edit your work for spelling and punctuation errors or omissions? Remember, this is an important part of the writing process! 



Complete the White Rose maths lesson for Wednesday 20th - Divide Decimals by Integers. There is a video on the website to support your learning. 


If you would like further practice after watching the lesson, BBC Bitesize have worksheets to use. 

They can be accessed here:



I have found another Spanish lesson for us for today. 


This lesson will teach you how to say how you feel in Spanish.


Follow the link to watch a lesson video then complete the activities that follow.


Maybe you could make a video of you introducing yourself and send it to me on class dojo?