Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Today, I would like you to complete a first draft of a Maya myth using your story map from yesterday. You could follow the story writing structure to help organise your writing if you wish. 




Complete the White Rose maths lesson for Wednesday 6th - Add and Subtract Fractions. There is a video on the website to support your learning. 


There is a worksheet to complete below. You can either print this out or write the answers in the workbook you took home, on some paper or type them out. It's up to you! 


The answer sheet is included to check your work against. Please don't look at the answers until you have attempted the worksheet yourself! 



The Maya were quite big fans of chocolate (as I expect some of you are too!) Today, I want you to visit to learn about the Maya chocolate making process. 


The Maya liked to make spicy drinking chocolate and preferred to drink rather than eat their chocolate. They regarded it as 'food of the Gods', indicating they thought it was very special. 


After you have learnt how the ancient Maya made chocolate, compare it to how Cadbury make chocolate in the present day. You can find more information here: What is the same? What is different? 


Now, can you make an information poster to share your findings? 

You can use the images below for inspiration if you wish.