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Wednesday 17th June

You can do the following tasks in any order. They will stay here for a long time, so even if you can't do it on the day, you can come back later when you have more time.

Subject Task

When you are ready to start the lesson, click the button above.

This is a Lesson from Oak National Academy.

Follow the instructions carefully on the screen. If you get stuck, you can click the "Back / Next" button which looks like this:


Step 1

Play Mr Smailes' YouTube video called "Multiplying by 10 and 100" and listen carefully.

Step 2

Do the following examples yourself:

234 x 10 =

34 x 100 =

4536 x 10 =

453 x 100 =

930 x 100 =

Step 3

For an extra challenge, try these:

234g x 10 =

(Give the answer in kg and g)

569ml x 10 =

(Give the answer in litres and ml)

46ml x 100 =

(Give the answer in litres and ml)

76g x 100 =

(Give the answer in kg and g)

If you can't do a question, replay the video and see if that helps.


Good luck all you Year 3 superstars!

Other task


Click here to listen to Charlotte Smailes, assisted by one of her rabbits, reading some great poetry. (Yes,she is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Smailes)

Then, if you wish, open the document at the bottom of this page called "Charlotte reading Poetry" and think about some of the questions.



The following tasks are for challenge only, so please don't worry if you don't have time to do them.
Challenge Task Extra Information

Let's get back to the physical exercise you started on Monday.

To see how much you have improved, do the same exercise for the same amount of time you did on Monday.

Did you do more today? I hope so.

We will be coming back to this on Friday for the final test.

Charlotte reading poetry