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Wednesday 15th July

You can do the following tasks in any order. If you can't do a task, click here to find one of my helpful videos. The tasks will be on this website for a few days and then they will disappear.

Subject Task                       Extra Information

Starter Section

Main Section

  First Draft  

Open the document "Let's get writing" at the bottom of the page. 

Page 28: Don't worry about SPaG at this moment.

  • Just write your ideas from your planning into simple sentences.
  • Make sure they make sense.
  • Use paragraphs

Today we have Money reasoning problems. For each question there are three levels, level one you should all be able to do but why not challenge yourselves and do levels 2 and 3 aswell.


Chris Hoy

Chis Hoy is an Olympic Champion cyclist who has got a stack of Olympic Gold Medals.

If anyone knows about being a champion, he does. 

When you are ready to start the lesson, click the image on the right.