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Wednesday 15th July

These activities may be completed in any order. Remember to contact me on Dojo or by email if you would like help with your work.

You can also share your work in the portfolio section of class dojo

If you click on any yellow box, it will take you directly to a lesson link.

Today we have Money reasoning problems. For each question there are three levels, level one you should all be able to do but why not challenge yourselves and do levels 2 and 3 aswell.



Starter Activity


Main Activity

First Draft  

Open the document "Let's get writing" in the resources section.

Page 28: Don't worry about SPaG at this moment.

  • Just write your ideas from your planning into simple sentences.
  • Make sure they make sense.
  • Use paragraphs



This is a BBC Bitesize lesson called - Found Sounds        

In this lesson learn about how to make music with objects you can find around your house or garden.

This lesson includes:

  • Two videos
  • Two activities 


Daily Challenge                                                                                                         

More Rockstars today

I would like you to spend 10 minutes playing studio games today - this will help you increase your speed.Then, I would like you to complete 2 sound checks.

You can spend more time playing Rockstars if you like and challenge your friends, but this is the minimum.

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