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Wednesday 10th Feb

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Subject Task Extra Information
Morning Maths

When you have completed the questions, try to upload them onto Dojo so I can see how well you have done.

Good luck!


Narrative - Lesson 13

Click on the image below to access the Oak National Academy lesson:

"Planning a Narrative Resolution"

Use your exercise books from your Home Study Packs to record any work you do.


Let us know how you get on.


Click here to access the White Rose Maths lesson.

It is called Factor Pairs, make sure you choose the right one!

Answer the questions in the Worksheet booklet .The worksheet has also been posted below so that you can check that you are doing the correct one.

When you have completed the worksheet, use the answer booklet and the videos to check your answers.

The videos will help check your understanding.


As usual, post your work on


The Water Cycle

Step 1 -Today ,we are going to learn about The water Cycle, but first I want you to remind yourself of the two terms CONDENSATION and EVAPORATION.

Click here to watch a video which will recap on these scientific processes.

Step 2 - Click on  the two video icons below to learn about the water cycle

  Step 3

Find the document called 'What happens during the water Cycle? in  your home learning pack.

Read it thoroughly and see if you can relate it to to videos you have watched.

Step 4 

Now you should be really familiar with the water cycle.

Find the document called 'Water Cycle '

Try to complete the passage by filling in the missing words. Good Luck.

If you are not sure which documents you need, they are also posted below.

You may write on the sheets in your pack.


Remember to post your work using class Dojo.

Maths worksheet