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W/C 13/07/20 The Ugly Duckling

Hello Nursery!

Our rhyme of the week is Five Little Ducks.

Our story of the week is The Ugly Duckling.


For parents and carers,

Nursery rhymes and stories are fantastic learning tools to support language, mathematics, physical coordination, sequencing and identifying similar sounds in a word. They are fun to sing and read too!


The Ugly Duckling – listen to the full story in the Monday star.

Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes | Learn to Count the Little Ducks

Help Mama Duck find all her little ducks in the kids nursery rhyme "Five Little Ducks"! Can you count all the ducks with Rachel? Learn counting while you sin...

Here are our new 5 things of the week. Try to practice them every day for no more than 5 minutes. You can join in with me if you like! A new video will be added daily.