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W/C 11/05/20

Hello boys and girls!

Last week you did some shopping with Alfie from the Supermarket Zoo story. He put some strange things in his shopping trolley. Do you remember what it was?

This week we are going to talk about being healthy. I wonder if you know how to keep yourself healthy. Do you eat a lot of vegetables and fruit? Do you brush your teeth twice a day? Do you exercise every day? Do you get enough sleep? Tell your grown-ups what do you do to keep yourself fit and healthy.


The story of the week is Oliver’s Vegetables.



Here are the 5 things of the week. Please remember that the activity should take no longer than 5 minutes a day. If you are unsure how to do the activity Mrs Wilkes will upload the videos of her and her 3-year-old boy practising 5 things of the week. You can join her if you like. 😊

This month we also celebrate Ramadan...but what is Ramadan?

  • Ramadan is a very special month for Muslims. It’s a holy month, with lots of traditions and celebration.
  • Ramadan lasts for around thirty days.
  • Muslim families around the world have many special traditions and activities during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Adults and some teenagers will spend the month fasting. They won’t eat any food from sunrise until sunset.
  • The meals eaten in the evening are a time for families, friends, and communities to come together. 
  • Muslim families will spend time reading the Quran, and saying prayers during Ramadan.
  • They will also do lots of good deeds, helping friends and family and doing charity work in their community.
Listen to the song about Ramadan smiley

A big hello from Zoya to all her friends!

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Yusuf Islam & Children - Ramadan Moon