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Viking Timelines

Just click here to link to a great Viking timeline.


The data sheet below has all the important dates as well !




AD 700: The Viking age begins.

AD 793: First invasion by the Vikings. They raided monasteries on the coast including Lindisfarne, off the coast of Northumbria.

AD 794: First raids on Scotland and Ireland.

AD 865: Great Viking army from Denmark invades England

AD 866: Danes capture York (which the Viking called Jorvik) and make it their kingdom (land ruled by a king)

AD 876: Vikings from Denmark, Norway and Sweden settle permanently in England.

AD 886: King Alfred the Great defeats the Vikings but allows them to settle in Eastern England.

AD 954: Eric Bloodaxe, the last king of Jorvik, is thrown out of York

AD 1001: Vikings land in America and establish a settlement.


AD 1066: Battle of Hastings occurred; William I (the Conqueror) crowned King of England.

AD 1100: End of the Viking age.