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Lesson 8 - Year 1


Today in English we would like you to have a really careful think about the setting of the story 'The Bumblebear'. Look at the Bee School and the pages with all the different lessons and try to use lots of adjectives to describe where the Bee School takes place. Now write down your sentences, perhaps using compound sentences with the conjunction 'and' to join them together. When you have finished, read your work to check for mistakes and to see have you used really interesting adjectives to describe the setting.


Today, we carry on with reading the time to the hour.

Watch a video and complete the activity.

Tuesday maths challenge


Today in science you are going to learn about different plant parts and their function. Can you think of which part of the plant we can eat? Play the presentation and complete the activity.


Science activity

Can you make a flower and label its parts?

If you prefer to make your own flower, you can draw, paint or collage it, and then label the parts of your plant.

Make and label the flower